School Information 


Developmentally Appropriate Play-Based Curriculum for Toddlers and Preschoolers

The Berry Patch utilizes Developmentally Appropriate, Play-Based Curriculum, which gives the teachers tools to address areas of literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, art, technology, and socialization.  Each classroom is designed with center based learning in mind.  Centers include art, blocks, dramatic play, library, science, math, toys and games, sand and water, and writing (for the older classrooms).  Children work independently, in groups, and with the teacher to get a well rounded academic experience.

Small Group

During class the children will work in small groups with the teacher.  This allows for more one on one time with the teacher in a setting where the children feel comfortable and excited about learning.  Each age group is provided with developmentally appropriate lessons. 


Each classroom provides parent teacher conferences twice a year. 

Parent and Teacher Community

We understand how important it is for not only children, but families to feel welcome in our school.  We keep in close touch with all families through a variety of media.  Our doors are always open and we welcome parents to visit as often as they like and take part in the class!