"My daughter started in the Strawberry Room when she was 6 months old. Before I decided to pick the Berry Patch, I went out and visited a handful of other programs. Needless to say, the Berry Patch was my number one choice, hands down. What I absolutely love about the infant room at Berry Patch is the fact that it is a small class size. Not maxed out to capacity allowed by law; which terrified me visiting other daycares. The Berry Patch is not just a caregiver, they treat you and your child like family. They made me feel comfortable on day one, and I would pick them as my daughter's caregiver again in a heartbeat. My daughter has learned so much since she has started in the Strawberry Room and it is the most wonderful thing to see her play with her new friends, having fun and learning new things almost every day. Terri, the director, is fabulous and always listens to any concerns. You are not "just another parent". If you are as worried as I was and could not imagine putting your child in a huge infant room, check out the Berry Patch. You will not regret it.

- Kim - Claire's Mom

"We are so happy to have our children cared for by the Berry Patch. As a Mom of 2 and a Kindergarten Teacher, I was looking for just the right place: a loving environment, with the right balance of play, creativity, and age appropriate exposure to academics. The Berry Patch provides just that. When we started, we were in the process of changing daycares. The staff listened to all my questions and put my mind at ease. The classrooms are welcoming and comfortable for the children. The staff keep them well-cleaned and organized. My children love their teachers. They are caring and respectful to the children. My older child walks right in each morning. When my daughter is home playing with her toys she repeats all the positive things she hears during the day, like "Yeah, that's a great idea!", "Great job!" and "Come on, let's do it together!". She loves to pretend she is one of her teachers. In the baby room, the staff is attentive to my little ones needs. He comes home clean, rested and happy. For both children, I get a full report of their day (which you don't find in every daycare facility) and it provides great dinner discussions as a family! They truly help in making me feel part of my child's day while I am away at work."

I've seen children from a lot of daycares, and I know what a difference a place like the Berry Patch can make, emotionally, socially and academically. Thank you to all the staff at the Berry Patch for your love, constant care, and kindness you show my children each day! I know my kids are off to a great start!

- Katie

"After touring over seven schools in the area we chose to send our daughter to the Berry Patch. It was by far the cleanest facility with the friendliest staff. It was really important to us that our daughter would receive an education not just have play time and they provided a structured schedule of learning activities. The teachers are wonderful and keep us informed of our daughter's progress, ways to be involved and upcoming events. Her social skills have vastly improved and she looks forward to going to school and loves her teacher."

- Margaux

"The Berry Patch is a wonderful place to grow. My son has attended the Berry Patch for two consecutive years now, and he is more than ready to handle the Kindergarten curriculum. I am so grateful for the time and effort the teachers have invested in my son's education. Thanks to the school, my son can read with confidence and even understand some basic mathematical concepts. Berry Patch educators move beyond just teaching their students how to read and write; they also promote the type of safe and nurturing learning environment in which any child can excel academically and socially. My son has told me time and again how he loves attending school and how he thinks his teachers are indeed the greatest. Honestly, what more could a parent ask for? I highly recommend the Berry Patch!"

- Adriana

"My son has been enrolled at the Berry Patch since he was 5 months old. He is 4 now. It was one of the cleanest facilities we toured when we were looking for a daycare. My son loves his teachers and has learned a lot. He can write his own name and most letters as well as numbers and shapes. He's rarely been sick since attending and has had no major accidents. We feel confident that he is in a safe, loving environment while there."

- Elaine